WestCOP Putnam CAP

The Putnam CAP Advisory Board

 All Community Action Partnerships must have an Advisory Board in which one-third of the members are from the low-income community, one-third of the members are public officials and one-third are from the private sector.

 Putnam CAP’S Advisory Board consists of members from all aspects of the community. They meet an average of nine times per year to evaluate the accomplishments of CAP programs and services and to discuss what future services are needed.

Advisory Board Members
November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018

Matthew Feehan
William Hammond
Cindy Jackson
  • Mary Bodor
  • Megan Castellano
  • Lynne Eckardt
  • Matthew Feehan
  • Kathryn Ferrusi
  • William Hammond
  • Michael Ingber
  • Carolyn Ivie
  • Cindy Jackson
  • Dave Lacasse
  • Kevin Lyons
  • Kyra Pinelli
  • Kelly Puccio
  • Christine Ruth
  • Maureen Sclafani

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